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Traditional Dresses

Hema Negi Karasi has significantly contributed towards the social and cultural fabric of Uttarakhand. She has re-introduced the traditional dresses which had lost their identity. Apart from that she has also introduced the following –• Traditional dresses viz. Ghungati, Pakhala, Aangadi, Pagada, Ghagra and Fatoyi etc. • Uttarakhandi traditional jewellery such as Nath, Guloband, Hasuli, Dhaguli, Chandra Haar, Ponchhi, Timandya etc. • The traditional dress for women in Uttarakhand remains Sarong, a mantle-type dress, tightened with a blouse and an Odani and Khorpi. Whereas in the weddings or special occasion, native women are seen wearing the attractive Rangwali Pichora or Ghagra Choli. A significantly large nose ring (nath) and necklace called Galoband are also worn by the women during festivals/special occasion. The RangwaliPichora is the dress worn by married women as it represents prosperity.• Hema is not only impacting the Uttarakhandiresidents in India but also the global diaspora by bringing them closer to their culture and reinvigorating their love for their Devbhumi. Her melodious songs picturized in the pristine locations of Uttarakhand coupled with fresh outlook of cultural heritage with digital boost has worked out successfully in bringing awareness among the people of Uttarakhand. She is a well-recognized and personality now who is synonymous with the traditional culture. All her music videos give a soothing view of aUttarakhand village, people in their traditional attires performing daily chores and their devotion towards the almighty.