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HNK Films Mart Llp

HNK Films Mart promoting rich, vibrant and diverse Pahari culture of Uttarakhand through our Production House and Tourism Management Company. HNK Films Mart, a brainchild of Hema Negi Karasi ever melodious folk singer and Jaagar (Uttarakhand’s folk ritual to incite Gods) performer,  was founded in up Dehradun. Hema Negi Karasi is famous for her contributions like Bhola BhandariGir Genduwa and Meri Bamdi among many others. She has performed not only in Uttarakhand but also at national and international platforms and have won many accolades for her contributions.With our modest beginning a decade ago, HNK Films has traversed a substantial mile in this direction has been selflessly working towards show casing of unique culture of Uttarakhand.

In today’s ever busy world wherein our Uttarakhandi people have spread all over the globe to earn a living for themselves, it is very difficult for everyone to stay connected with their roots despite their extreme willingness to do so. We intend to bring that fragrance of their culture to their doorstep so that they can feel the warmth of their muluk (native place) and relive those nostalgic moments.

The objective of HNK Films Mart is to provide a sound platform to the culture of Uttarakhand through amalgamation Folk Culture & Tourism as follows –

➢ Cultural awareness by promoting folk artists and legendary instruments.

➢ Providing platform for budding artists in collaboration with Tourism professionals.

➢ Identifying Heritage Sites, preserving them as per norms and bringing them on global platform to showcase our versatile culture and increase tourism opportunities.

At present, HNK Films Mart is involved in below activities:-

➢ Pahari/ Uttarakhandi concerts across the country

➢ Overseas Concert

➢ Traditional Dress

➢ Vedic marriages

➢ Live concerts on digital media platform

➢ Short films & Series

➢ Videography/ Photography of heritage/religious locations

➢ Customized folk songs/Jaagar/Mangal lyrics and composition

➢ Production house

We request you to kindly display our brochure/catalogue in your Front Office and provide adequate publicity to our firm. We look forward to cementing a collaboration with you. We are quite confident that it would not only help you boost your clientele but also help in revival and promotion of Uttarakhand’s culture.