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Hema Negi Karasi - An Introduction

Uttarakhand has a very rich and versatile culture diversified in the form of folk music, instruments, dance forms, ethnic wear and religious places among various others. However, over a period of time the residents have migrated to industrial havens to earn living for themselves and their families. This has resulted in utter neglect of our rich culture and complete apathy towards our folk artists who are languishing in oblivion. There are few stalwarts who have overcome significant hurdles to create awareness about the culture of Uttarakhand and their journey is one of folklore.

An artist par excellence who has selflessly taken Garhwali culture and traditions on to the global stage. Hema is reputed folk singer who hails from a remote village Tukhindain Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Her journey is one of folklore and began when she was introduced to folk music by her mother at a tender age.

What We Do

Himalyan Folk Jaagar

Jaagar is one such form of religious performance which is a perfect symphony of singing along with traditional instruments like Damru and others to invoke deities to
come and shower their blessings. Hema’s professional career has been tumultuous as she has ventured audaciously in a male dominated field and proved to be a youth icon she is today. She specializes in Jaagar and traditional Himalayan folk and she is a great supporter and promoter of traditional folk across India. Folk singing is not digitally mastered and the effort required is much more than commercial music rendition.


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Media Highlights

Hema is a new age performer who understands the importance of digital and therefore she is extensively leveraging its strengths in increasing awareness among the youth across the globe. She is first female folk artist in Uttarakhand who has own website, YouTube Channel and Music Company which is dedicated towards the promotion of culture.
She has more than 300K subscriber on the YouTube channel and most of her folk song videos are being watched by more than 10million users. She usually work for traditional cultural of Uttarakhand and promote the culture using her fold songs and videos over entire world. She has more than 100K subscribed fan on her Facebook official page as well.

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